Emma Dempsey

Emma, a licensed Esthetician, studied at The Institute of Skin Science almost two years ago. After completing her Esthetics License program, she knew she wanted to further specialize in lash services to offer a comprehensive range of treatments to her clients. Emma's dedication to her craft is evident in the glowing reviews she receives from her satisfied clients, who appreciate her attention to detail and personalized approach to skincare. In addition to her work at Modern Esthetics, Emma finds solace in spending time at her family's farm, where she immerses herself in the beauty of nature. Whether she's harvesting berries, tending to the vibrant flowers in the garden, or brainstorming creative design concepts for her next project, Emma finds inspiration and rejuvenation in the peaceful surroundings. This balance between her professional life and her personal life allows Emma to recharge and bring a fresh perspective to her work.